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Veterans For Peace Chapter 74, located in the Metro Detroit area (Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Monroe Counties), is named in honor is named in honor of Michael Gramlich and Steve Saelzler, two local VFP members. Michael was a southeast Michigan veteran who for over 40 yeas was a leading-edge peace activist. Michael's quest for peace began in earnest following his experiences with atomic bomb tests in Nevada.  Likewise, Steve was also a local peace advocate and a Vietnam Veteran who lived to make a more peaceful world. 


Veterans For Peace itself seeks to increasing public awareness of the costs of war, restrain our government from intervening in the affairs of other nations, reduce the arms race as well as eliminating nuclear weapons, and to abolish war as an instrument of international policy.

Meetings & Events

Veterans For Peace Chapter 74 Online October Meeting – Monday, October 16th, 2023 – 7:30pm

The October 16th Chapter 74 meeting will be by Zoom teleconference only starting at 7:30pm. There will be no face-to-face meeting. To participate, five minutes before the 7:30pm meeting start time, click on this link -


To join the meeting by telephone only, call 312-626-6799 and when prompted, enter a Meeting ID of 839 0915 8087. If asked, the passcode is 492170. Anyone can participate in this meeting, or any other VFP Chapter 74 event, be they veteran or not. Please consider attending this online meeting and help our VFP Chapter grow and become more active! The meeting agenda is as follows…


  1. Introductions and welcome

    1. Members and guests present

  2. General business

    1. Membership report

    2. Chapter reorganization & outreach

    3. Other

  3. Old Business

    1. VFP Golden Rule sailboat visit to Detroit

    2. VFP climate change actions

    3. Other

  4. New Business

    1. Other

  5. Upcoming events

  6. Next meeting date

  7. Adjournment

​Current VFP Chapter 74 Newsletter

The October 2023  VFP 74 Newsletter can be downloaded and viewed online in both a PDF and Word format. (click link to download a newsletter document). 

VFP Annual Election Ballots Have Been Sent

Election ballots are out for VFP members to elect Board Of Directors members and approve or reject resolutions. The main form of voting will be online. If you are a member, you should have already received your electronic ballot by email with your own UNIQUE link to vote. If you do not see it, please search in your spam folder. Electronic voters will receive multiple emails with links and text messages if we have your cell phone in our system. Voting electronically is the preferred method, as it saves time, money, and paper.


If you voted last year by mail, you will automatically receive a mailed ballot. Mailed ballots will be sent on Oct 3, 2023.  Paper ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd to be counted. If you would prefer a paper ballot this year, please email  


Voting will close on November 3rd, and results will be available by Nov 17th. As a reminder, all members can vote on board candidates and resolutions.  If you have election questions, feedback or want to be removed from future ballot lists, please email ElectionBuddy Support at

Ideas For Non-Violent Action

​​​In these difficult times, these 198 methods of nonviolent action have all been used in historical instances of nonviolent struggle -

​If you are a veteran, or know of a veteran that needs help...

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