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Join Veterans For Peace



You can join Veterans For Peace by the secure Veterans For Peace website - - or by printing and mailing the form below to join Veterans For Peace....



I would like to join Veterans For Peace at the following level...


___ Regular/Associate Membership ($40)

___ Supporting Membership ($50)

___ Sustaining Membership ($100)

___ Lifetime Membership ($1000)



Please note: Membership in Veterans For Peace is open to all individuals. Military veterans are eligible for Regular membership. Non-veterans can become Associate members. Veterans applying for membership need to submit a copy of their discharge papers (DD214). Otherwise they will be enrolled as an Associate member. For a form to request a free copy of your DD214 from the federal government, visit



Name:    _____________________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________




E-Mail:   _____________________________________________


Phone:   _____________________________________________



Send this form to...

Veterans For Peace

3407 S. Jefferson Ave, #219
St. Louis MO 63118



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